Director Haseeb Hassan of Diyar e Dil and Nanhi fame was roped in with a strong cast that included Aisha Khan, Maya Ali, Talat Hussain, Vasey Chaudhry, Arjumand Rahim, Saba … He asks Manahil to agree to Mikael's proposal, and left her. Manahil, unable to get up, faints there. The 'Mann Mayal' cast appears to be fan of Lipton tea. Jeena is orphan and lives alone. [111][112] The finale episode of series revived widespread criticism and critical reviews both from public and critics. Speaking about her character Khan said, "my role is the surprise element in the drama. Thank you so much for playing this role and you’re a terrible person’. Playing next. [74] It was initially titled Tera Ghum Aur Hum in an early press releases but then it was changed to Dil-e-Jaanam and then to Mann Mayal, with no official reason given by Hum Network management to these changes. For consecutive seven weeks it was the highest-rated drama series with ratings of 6.2 TRP respectively. Firstly the acting of everyone. MediaLogic. Role played by veteran actress Ismat Zaidi who played Durdana, Salahuddin's mother was appreciable and was a major supporting character throughout the series but was criticised in episodes 24 and 25 due to her negative role as she is famous for playing innocent roles. Later half shows trials of Salahuddin to prove his love for Manahil when she gets divorced from her husband where as Jeena conspires to separate them. Manahil aka Manno has strong feelings for her friend’s brother Salahuddin. [114] Riaz discouraged the plot of Manahil and Salahuddin's love story saying that Mannu's young age love has a negative affect for Pakistan's youth, she also says that it highlights a bad influent for women. Mann Mayal features an ensemble cast with Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salah-ul-Din, Maya Ali as Manahil, Gohar Rasheed as Mikaeel and Ayesha Khan as Jeena in leading roles, with the supporting cast of and Aiman Khan, Saba Hameed, Naeem Tahir, Shehryar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Mehmood Aslam, Laila Zuberi and Talat Hussain The show is set in Hyderabad and Karachi, Sindh. Manahil finds out about Jameel and Salahuddin, she confronts Salahuddin and warns him not to intervene her life and warns, if he continues, she will commit suicide. Shooting was extensively done in remote areas of Hyderabad, Sindh and in Clifton in Karachi, Sindh. Faizan Haque. Manahil's mother call Salahuddin and informs about her that she left him because she doesn't want to hurt him. Salah-ud-Din mother taunts Manahil for getting divorced and living with Salah-ul-Din under one roof. [93] Writing for same publication Khan heavily praised the screenplay, direction and acting for third episode particularly raising Maya Ali's character saying, "Maya Ali delivered a performance that has now pit her against the best of the best in the industry. The show was first aired on Hum TV, as a part of night programming all under Duraid’s production company. Mann Mayal timings. For the thirteenth episode, see "MediaLogic Monthly Review (April 2016)" (PDF). Riaz discouraged the introduction episodes saying Just three episodes in, I have to say that I, for one, am heavily disappointed. The Last episode of Mann Mayal averaged 7.1 TRPs peaking at TRP more than 9.3 and maximising 9.8 as claimed by the channel on their Facebook page. Manahil finds out about his father deteriorating and health breaks down in tears. Manahil and Salahuddin had fight after she confront him, and both blames each other for ruining their lives. For twenty-second episode, see "MediaLogic Monthly Review (June 2016)" (PDF). Salahuddin orders Jameel to find out what happened. Rabiya gets married and shifts to America with her husband. The taboo over a woman proposing to a man should be revisited. Jeena inquires about Manahil's relation with Salahuddin through his mother and becomes jealous. Both fall in love but Salahuddin refuses to marry Manahil due to their social-class status and due to fear of rejection from her family. Arjumand Rahim. Cookie and Jameel mistreat Rehman while Salahuddin tries to help. "[97] She also said, "Despite the soaring music Hum TV uses to invoke a pavlovian response out of its audience, much of the dramatic tension required to connect emotionally with the plot is lacking. Veteran actors' Saba Hameed and Naeem Tahir were cast for the role Manahil's parents and Shehryar Zaidi and Ismat Zaidi were cast for the role of Salah-ul-Din's parents, popular soap actress Aiman Khan plays the role of Rabiya as Salah-ul-Din younger sister and Manahil friend. A classic sob-fest with glaring story problems, Mann Mayal decidedly became the most mocked show in broadcast history. Salahuddin and Manahil keep looking at each other. Mann Mayal has an ensemble cast with Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salahhudin, Maya Ali as Manahil in leading roles, with the supporting cast Aiman Khan as Beeya, Saba Hameed, Naeem Tahir, Shehryar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Mehmood Aslam, Laila Zuberi and Talat Hussain The show is set in Hyderabad and Karachi, Sindh. Written by Samira Fazal and directed by Haseeb Hassan, this serial also stars Maya Ali, Aisha Khan, Gohar Rasheed and Aiman Khan as main characters. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? While, Sajida is a widowed ... See full summary ». Last Season. The story revolves around a girl named as Manahil (Maya Ali), a … Was this review helpful to you? After seeing Rehman's condition and knowing that he has cancer, Salahuddin decides to stay to take care of him. Mann Mayal is a family drama with romantic story. Shooting of drama serial Mann Mayal is conducted on the locations of Karachi and Hyderabad. Manahil makes an effort to adjust with Mikaeel and asks him if she can come with him at his friends' but he refuses due to her senile fashion-style, she later calls Salahuddin. For thirty-first episode, see "MediaLogic Monthly Review (August 2016)" (PDF). Mann Mayal has an ensemble cast with Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salahhudin, Maya Ali as Manahil in leading roles, with the supporting cast Aiman Khan as Beeya, Saba Hameed, Naeem Tahir, Shehryar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Mehmood Aslam, Laila Zuberi and Talat Hussain The show is set in Hyderabad and Karachi, Sindh. Mikaeel try to convince his friend Bari for money but fails. Jeena impress Salahuddin by cooking him breakfast and tells him about her family. She gives unconditional love to others and expects the same for herself,". While there are complaints of plot loopholes and one dimensional characters, this started off as a very popular serial and still is. The story focuses on gender biasness and the difference between the classes in terms of the affluence level. Her mother asks him to keep her with him for a few more days. The latest Lipton TVC features half of the cast of Mann Mayal and is creating quite a buzz amongst the target audience of both - the play and the tea brand. There are so many reasons for liking it. Moreover, in the end they may just have taken a dig at the brand ambassador of Tapal (Fawad Khan). Jeena turns the situation against Jameel and blames him for getting caught. After Salahuddin's successful operation Manahil leaves for Hyderabad without seeing him. The soundtrack was praised for its lyrics and composition and vocals, QB and co-singer Shuja Hyder received much appraisal for their singing as well as enthusiastic reviews for Hyder composing, particularly Hyder being praised for "his vocals add depth and variety to the proceedings. But in this drama all the actors are doing a great job. ", "Does Salahuddin really love Manu? He scolds her for being a typical wife and tells his parents that he cannot live with her. [103][104] Commenting on her character Ayesha Khan said, "With Mann Mayal, people hate my character Jeena but that’s the success of the character. Mikaeel's behaviour becomes worse towards Manahil and their child. Mikaeel remembers his confession of wrongdoings to his son and his decision of giving them back to Manahil. Which leaves Manahil heartbroken, so she changes her appearance to please Mikaeel. With much distant, on one coincident, Manahil and Salahuddin come across each other again where Salahuddin saw Manahil ruined and broken with the passed time, this led him realise how he ruined her life. The title song of Mann Mayal is sung by Quratulain Balouch and Shuja Hyder.This great drama serial started from Monday 25th January, at 8:00 PM only on Hum TV. Date & Time: Every Monday … Drama serial Mann Mayal is directed by one of the most experienced directors of television industry, Haseeb Hassan. I don't come across Pakistani Dramas as much but my sister requested me to watch this so I gave it a go. Mikaeel visits his parents graves and accepts his mistakes for one last time and ask them their forgiveness, he then gets murdered over his gambling debt when his friend came to claim his money. "[94] And said, "A flawlessly written episode, with flawless acting and direction!. Heavy in gambling-debt, Mikaeel is confronted by his friend who reminds of him his deadline. Cookie apologises to Rehman on request of Ifti. Mikaeel bring children to Salahuddin and leaves. Will he play a pilot? Mann Mayal (transl. In Hyderabad, Manahil recalls her memories and asked her father that she wants to start her life again on her own and refuses Salahuddin proposal. "[113] Haider, also equipped "Mann Mayal may well be a testament to the patience of the Pakistani public, the dogged determination of watching a serial to the end once it’s started but the real X factor was, of course, Hamza Ali Abbasi," and advise him that he should concentrates "on quality before his brand starts to lose its luster."[113]. Osman Khalid Butt looks really handsome in the picture as always. Other ... See full summary ». 4.8m Followers, 145 Following, 1,142 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Maya Ali (@official_mayaali) [50] The screenplay for the serial is written by Lux Style Award-winning writer Samira Fazal who, previously wrote the screenplays of channel's critically acclaimed serials such as Dastaan, Bari Aapa, Mera Naseeb and most recently Alvida, it also marked the writer's first collaboration with Hassan. He is known for his roles as Afzal in the drama serial Pyarey Afzal, and … Retrieved 10 January 2017. Mikaeel's friend then advises him to father a child to divert the attention and to attain all the property and control over business. Mann Mayal has an ensemble cast with Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salahhudin, Maya Ali as Manahil in leading roles, with the supporting cast Aiman Khan as Beeya, Saba Hameed, Naeem Tahir, Shehryar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Mehmood Aslam, Laila Zuberi and Talat Hussain The show is set in Hyderabad and Karachi, Sindh. ", "Even Mannu's newfound feminism couldn't save, "The awards will be held in Karachi on April 23rd and the voting lines are open till April 6, 2016",, Pakistani romantic drama television series, Television series directed by Haseeb Hassan, Television series written by Samira Fazal, Television series created by Momina Duraid, Television series set in Hyderabad, Sindh, All Wikipedia articles written in Pakistani English, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. She calls Mikaeel, but he doesn't pick up as he is busy in a party. The plot of HUM’s latest play Mann Mayal reveals the life of a vivacious and charming town girl, Manahil who’s every wish and desire is being fulfilled by her family. Mikaeel confronts Manahil for telling his parents about his gambling, to which she denies. "[95] She further evaluate the role of women in society being "powerful" not "weak" and condemn "love marriage" concept in Pakistani culture. Written by: Sameera Fazal Directed by: Haseeb Hasan Creative Head: Momina Duraid Produced by: Momina Duraid, Samina Humayun, Sana Shahnawaz & Tariq Shah Cast: Hamza Ali Abbasi, Maya Ali, Aisha Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Talat Hussain, Saba Hameed, Arjumand Rahim, Abdul Vasay Chaudhry, Naeem Tahir, etc. Report. Date & Time: Every Monday at 8:00 pm. Jeena ask Salah-ul-Din's mother for their marriage who tells her that proposal should come from her family member or friends, she then manipulates her against Manahil. [90], Before the premiere of series, Mann Mayal was listed as one of the most anticipated serials of 2016. Check out exclusive images of Mann Mayal cast here: For further details on Mann Mayal, click here: Mann Mayal: Hamza Ali Abbasi-Maya Ali to Romance in Upcoming HUM Drama Serial Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. For Soul-touching Songs and Ghazals, please subscribe "Gaane Shaane": Singer: Lyrics: … Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! May 18, 2017 - Explore Javaria Baloch's board "Mann Mayal", followed by 269 people on Pinterest. Manahil goes back to her home for the first time after marriage, where her father realises that she is not happy. 1 June 2016. Mann Mayal (2016) Sanam (2016) Stay connected to discover more about Maya Ali and her LifeStyle. This FAQ is empty. Jameel calls Jeena to tell her that Manahil is in park, where she reveals her plan that Mikaeel was never there to meet Manahil, instead to abduct the children. For the eighth episode, see "MediaLogic Monthly Review (March 2016)" (PDF). [63] Hamza who plays Afzal as his feature television debut in Piyaray Afzal in 2014, returns to play Salahuddin on the request of Sana. It achieved the record breaking 9.7 TRPs on Its Twenty-sixth episode[10] breaking all the previous records including channels 2013 series, Humsafar[10][11] and Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Jameel comforts Manahil by telling about his Guru's instructions to solve her problems. The drama revolves around two close friends who are like sisters, Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida (Samiya Mumtaz). "[94], In a less enthusiastic review for The Express Tribune Kanza Riaz said that, "Mann Mayal is teaching our society some horrendously wrong things. Unable to understand he tries to focus on what she said in hospital that night before being taken to surgery and remembers her, being saying "I will keep myself away from you forever", he then rushes to his mother. After one year, Manahil is pregnant and back home for the baby's birth. Mikael's was about to slap him, but Manahil suddenly tells the truth about him selling her jewellery, and faints. She also tells him that she will not leave Mikaeel. So far, Mann Mayal has offered nothing new or challenging. Jenna, Salahuddin's colleague falls in love with him and aims to marry him. Gear up for Stephen King's upcoming adaptation with a look at some of our favorite photos from "The Stand," starring Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgård. Manahil struggles and suffers in silence with her marriage as Mikaeel is more interested in spending his life alone rather than to be with someone. [54] Hamza described his character "is close to who I am. [56], Creative head and producers Momina Duraid, Sana Shahnawaz and writer Sameera Fazal mutually choose the cast,[54] which includes Maya Ali, Hamza Ali Abbasi to play the leading roles of Manahil,[57] Salah-ul-Din and Gohar Rasheed, Ayesha Khan Meekail[58] and Jeena played negative roles. MediaLogic. When Salahudin finds out about Manahil, he regrets and decided to get her back. The cast of Mann Mayal includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Maya Ali, Talat Hussain, Saba Hameed, Arjumand Rahim, Abdul Vasay Chaudhry, Gohar Rasheed, Naeem Tahir and others. Jeena, who just got a job at Salahuddin's office, becomes obsessed with Salahuddin and secretly watches him. "[91] She concluded that, "This is a well-made drama worth watching. Total Episodes: 24. He then searches for Manahil everywhere and finds out she has been living in an hostel. He visits her where she shuts the door after seeing him, she asked him to go and reminiscence how once she left her house for him and he didn't open the door and complains how he ruins their life, Salahuddin then apologizes to Manahil for not making right decisions and both reconcile proclaiming their love for the one last time. What is frustrating though is when people can’t seem to differentiate between my onscreen persona and who I am in real life. He falls in deep love with her once again despite his relation with Jeena, but also realises that time has moved on and with the passed time, there's nothing that he can do as he has lost his control and love in Manahil's life. Mann Mayal was originally scheduled to air in late December 2015, however, due to post-production delays, Hum TV rescheduled the series for January 2016. Rehman later dies of his cancer and leaves his property to Salahuddin who cuts his ties from Ifti. Manahil runs for Salahuddin. Browse more videos. "[72] Popularity of "Tere Naal Mein laiyan" led an online competition where on 9 February Hum Network announced on its Facebook page to "record the soundtrack and inbox to series official page, to win a title of Voice of Art and gifts hampers. [11][82] Mann Mayal was placed on first position on a list of top 10 Pakistani shows of 2016,[83] It scored 6.1, 6.7 and 7.1TRPs for the twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth episodes, respectively. Mann Mayal is produced by Momina Duraid, Samina Humayoon Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz. Later, when Manahil awakes, Mikaeel yells at her for telling his parents about selling the jewellery. A heart broken Manahil marries Mikael while Salahuddin left for Karachi to work at his friend Ifti's firm, where he meets Ifti's father Rehman who is dying of cancer and is treated poorly, looking to his concerns, Rehman signs his will for Salahuddin. The cast boasts not to be missed performers like Saba Hameed, Atiqa Odho, Javed Shaikh, Arjumand Rahim and Vasey Chaudhry in its … Retrieved 10 January 2017. Mann Mayal premiered in Pakistan, UK, USA and UAE with same premier date and timings.